The Vegetarian Crusade in the Journal of American History

Thrilled to see another positive review of The Vegetarian Crusade, this time in the Journal of American History. The review calls the book "lively," and "offers fascinating details. . . ." Happy to see the book receive its first review in an academic journal, hopefully more to come.


The Vegetarian Crusade Reviewed: Choice Reviews

Another excellent review of The Vegetarian Crusade, this time featured in the American Library Association's publication, Choice Reviews. The review gives the book a rating of "highly recommended."


The Vegetarian Crusade on Heritage Radio

Earlier today I called in to discuss The Vegetarian Crusade with Linda Pelaccio on her wonderful program, "A Taste of the Past." The episode has been archived, and is available at the station's website.


The Vegetarian Crusade in the Chicago Reader

A wonderful interview that I did with Michael Gebert has posted at the Chicago Reader, focusing on Chicago's central role in the vegetarian movement during the Progressive Era. Great stuff, and has been getting some wonderful attention on both Twitter and Facebook.


The Vegetarian Crusade, Released!

 Today is the big day, the official release date of The Vegetarian Crusade!

A few things you can do to support the book:
Some other requests. Spread the word amongst your book reading, historically-oriented and food history interested friends. Point them towards my Twitter account or this very blog. Suggest the book, spread the word and if you feel inclined, even write a review at any of the links provided above. As you can imagine, with all the great scholarship out there, it is difficult to get one's first book noticed. But I think (I hope) that this is one that will truly appeal to scholars and the general public alike. Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.

It is incredible to think that I have now been researching and writing on this topic for more than six years. There is certainly something intimidating about finally putting this book out into the world. But I also feel great excitement and anticipation to hear peoples' thoughts, to engage on the topic and hopefully bring some attention to what I think is an important and intriguing story to tell. Many thanks to everyone who supported me along the process. Read through the acknowledgements, many of them pop up in the book's first pages. In the meantime, happy reading and I welcome any thoughts, feedback or questions while tackling the book.

The book verdict on the Vegetarian Crusade is in...

And Library Journal explains that The Vegetarian Crusade is a "well-researched and accessible work...recommended for readers of U.S. social history and for vegetarians interested in knowing that the roots of their movement go deeper than the publication of Peter Singer's Animal Liberation and the founding of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Fans of culinary history books. . . will also find much to love here."

Read more at Library Journal (full review is behind a subscription wall).

Remember, book release is just around the corner, October 7. In the meantime, you can pre-order from UNC Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or find it at your local independent bookshop!


The Vegetarian Crusade Reviewed

First review of the book has been released, and am happy to report it is a positive one. ForeWord Reviews calls the book a "unique, readable history of the vegetarian movement in America," that "will be a welcome addition to vegetarian lore in a time when the movement has entered mainstream thinking, if not mainstream eating."

Read the full review.
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