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Welcome to my blog on American Vegetarian History. On this site you will find historical recipes, images from the early vegetarian movement, as well as bits of insight into the formative years of the movement.

Why take up such a venture? Currently I am writing my dissertation on the formation of vegetarian identity in the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. I have spoken on the subject at a variety of academic meetings, as well as gatherings of vegetarian organizations. In addition I have authored three articles on the subject for the forthcoming Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism, available in September from Greenwood Press.

Ad for Protose, the first mass marketed meat substitute, 1908

On this site I will post vegetarian recipes, ephemera and other history-related items in an attempt to broaden general awareness of the movement's long history in the United States, a topic that many (vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike) are not aware even exists. Vegetarianism is attractive precisely because it is a movement of personal choices, which perhaps helps explain why little is conventionally known of the movement's history. Yet the history of vegetarianism is complex, constantly evolving, and offers much insight into society and its cultural/political/social developments. My research (and in its own way, this blog) will try to fill in these gaps.

Any questions, comments or requests are always welcome. It is my ultimate goal for this site to facilitate interactive exchange between interested parties, no matter what your dietary choices.


Anonymous said...

It's an interesting blog, Adam!
Thank you again for your lecture at ChicagoVeg 1 Year Anniversary dinner!
Please make sure to check for our upcoming events. I hope to talk to you soon again.

- Vadim

Adam Shprintzen said...

Thanks Vadim and thanks again for having me! Hope to see everyone again very soon.

FYI if anyone is interested in an excellent Chicago veggie group, look into

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